After arriving at Westkapelle after a 90 minute drive i grabbed my tripod and camera and came to the conclusion that i forgot to take the headplate for my ball-head of my Sigma 150-500mm lens. (This is one of these situations where you ask yourself: “What was i thinking at the time when i packed my gear!”. I always take some tools with me when i go out because the tripod legs sometimes tend to loosen up. Unscrewed the ball-head from the tripod and turned the screw which attaches the ball-head to the tripod 180 degrees and attached it to the tripod. Now i was able to screw my camera directly to the tripod but lost the freedom of movement when attached to a ball-head. At least i could work with long exposures and do some hdr photography. After a walk along the coast i reached the lighthouse and the sun was setting, so i took some bracketed shots from different angles and changed the composition a couple of times. It was quite windy and there was a beautiful blue sky so i took my cable-release and hooked it up and experimented with shutter speeds from 30 to 180 seconds and the movement and exposure was best at 60 seconds.

Definitely going back here again, but then with full (tripod-ballhead) capabilities!

Thanks for reading and hopefully till next time!