Here is the before and after image.



Thanks for visiting my website and i hope you will enjoy this (good for all ages and easy to do) tutorial.

Needed for doing this tutorial on your own:

  • – Adobe Lightroom 5 (or higher). Download the free trial version of LR5 here.
  • – Troll King .tiff file

Is this all? YES!

Alright, Let’s go and start by downloading the free Troll King.tiff file down below.

Once that’s done, let’s open Lightroom 5.

Now go to File – Import Photos and Video… and select the map where you saved the Troll King.tiff file.









Select the “Troll King” and click on the Develop tab.
You should now see something like this.

2014-03-03 22_44_00-Lightroom



Oké, ready to do some post-processing?
1) Start by selecting the Graduated Filter (or press M).

2014-03-03 22_54_55-Lightroom





2) When you have the Graduated Filter selected press the Alt button and while holding down the Alt button click on Reset.
This will reset the Graduated Filter so we can begin with a fresh start.

2014-03-03 23_01_34-Troll King - Adobe Photoshop Lightroom - Develop



3) Now drag the Temp slider all the way to the left (value -100).

2014-03-04 20_36_07-Lightroom



4) Take the cursor to the leftside of the image and click and drag until you have reached the center of the tree with your cursor.

2014-03-04 20_43_12-Lightroom



5) Click on New to create a new mask

2014-03-04 20_45_02-Lightroom



6) Now take the cursor to the rightside of the image and click and drag until you have reached the center of the tree.

2014-03-04 20_47_01-Lightroom



7) Press the M button on your keyboard to deselect your graduated filter.
Go to the Exposure slider and drag it to the left until you reach -4.

2014-03-04 20_50_33-Lightroom



Don’t worry, everything is going as planned!

8) We are now going to select the Radial Filter, click on it or select by pressing Shift+M.

2014-03-04 20_57_13-Lightroom



9) Press the Alt button and while holding the Alt button click on Reset. This will reset the Radial Filter.

2014-03-04 20_59_58-Lightroom



10) Drag the Exposure slider to +4.

2014-03-04 21_04_20-Lightroom



11) Take the cursor to the center of the image and create a shape that fits inside the hole of the tree.

2014-03-04 21_10_07-Lightroom


OH crap, this is not the result we want! Just…

12) Check the -Invert Mask- box to save your image from total destruction.

2014-03-04 21_12_45-Lightroom



Alright! you did it, this is starting to look cool isn’t it? Get ready for the final adjustments.

13) Select the Adjustment Brush by clicking it or press K.

2014-03-04 21_18_48-Lightroom



14) Take the Exposure to +3 and start painting on the bottomside of the shrooms above the Troll King.

  • Optional: You can paint in the shrooms on the rightside of the tree too create a stairway.
  • Note: You can make your brush bigger and smaller by pressing the [ and ] keys on your keyboard. Don’t worry if you have painted a bit to much because when you press and hold down Alt, you can then use to brush to remove what you have painted before.

2014-03-04 21_35_29-Lightroom



15) Slide the Temp slider to 75, this will give a golden glow to it.

2014-03-04 21_38_55-Lightroom



16) Press New and set the Temp slider to -75, this will give a blue glow to it.
Note: Feel free to use the sliders at your own desire and create look that you think is best.

2014-03-04 21_51_35-Lightroom



17) Paint on the top side of the shrooms to give it a bit of a moonglow look.
Note: Adjust the exposure to what gives you the best feeling.

2014-03-04 21_57_29-Lightroom



18) Press K to deselect the Adjustment Brush and scroll down to the Effects panel and slide the Amount slider inside Post-Crop Vignetting to the left until you reach -30.
Note: Adjust till you reach the desired effect, skip if you don’t like it.

2014-03-04 22_14_47-Lightroom



GREAT JOB!!! You should be proud of yourself.

You can clap if you want or even do a little victory dance (i wont tell anyone, i promise).

Leave a comment down below to show me your creation or what you think about this tutorial.

Feel free to tell the world about your creation (and if you want to mention the website where you found this cool and easy tutorial, i would be most thankfull).

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