The time that Hallerbos¬† is showing all of it’s spring beauty is here and in order to benefit of all the light the day has to offer i had to get up early. From Rotterdam to Hallerbos is almost a 2 hour drive and the sun was going to rise at 06:53 am, so i got up at 04:00 am, made a cup of coffee and freshened up, grabbed my gear and began my journey to the forest filled with wild hyacinths.

When i arrived at Hallerbos, i parked the car and walked into the forest. Thick fog was hanging in the air and the sky was clouded, so the sun did not show itself until around 12:30 pm. By then the fog already disappeared and my chances for catching some sun rays in the fog were gone. At around 13:00 pm i arrived back at my car and the forest was literally overwhelmed with photographers. Took some time to eat and drink, went through the pictures i shot and waited for a couple of hours till the light softened. Back in the forest and the light was amazing, the entire forest had a deep purple colored floor and the branches of the trees started to fill up with fresh green leaves.

This was a great day and an experience i will never forget.
Make sure you see this for yourself next year!