Yesterday i saw large clouds hanging over the city of Rotterdam and about an 1,5 hour before sunset the horizon was clear of clouds but above us the clouds were still hanging there. I’ve been waiting a long time for this too happen and thought that maybe this was my chance to grab a beautiful sunset with the Feyenoord Stadium as my main subject and some dramatic clouds with nice red light to give some punch to the scene. So i jumped in my car right away to make sure i would be there in time before the sun would set.

As i arrived there the sunlight was already beginning to show golden tints underneath the massive clouds that were hanging above me. Because of that size of the stadium i had to set the width of my wide-angle lens to 16mm and stand between in the middle of the 2 roads next to a lanternpole. (If any of you drove by me that night and is reading this, please don’t honk anymore. I’m not a police-officer that’s taking pictures because you ignored the speedlimit.) So i was taking pictures and like to use my auto bracketing so i can get full dynamic range later on in my post-processing. Then the sun splattered some really nice pink/reddish light on the front of the stadium and i thought “Oh wow, now the magic is gonna happen…”. Well, the opposite is true and minutes later the pink/reddish colour appeared behind me and never on the clouds above the stadium…. I was disappointed but i could not let the time i had already spent in front of the stadium (between the 2 roads) go to waste and stayed till blue hour and shot some more pictures.

I recommend getting at your poi (point of interest) in time and shoot from different angles but at about an half hour before sunset i choose 1 position and stay on the same settings ( in terms of mm’s and f stop). Then if the sunset is not as good as wanted you can later on choose in pp (post-processing) which light you like best of multiple light conditions (golden hour, blue hour etc..) And you can even combine those light conditions just as i did in this picture. How cool is that!

Hope you enjoyed this as much as i did!

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