The last few days i did not have much time to go out and take some photographs but today i was able to go out for an hour. I did not have lots of time so i had to take pictures close to home. The skyline of Nesselande is not big at all but i wanted to display some of the beauty of the landscape next to the water as well as some of the skyline that looks out over the lake in front of it. The temperature outside is now about -2,9° C (26,6oF (Fahrenheit)) and to get the shot i wanted i had to stand in the water. I put on some waterproof boots to able to hold it out for about a half hour without freezing my toes off… Took a few minutes to find my composition and get everything right. The thing i was most happy about is that i did not slip on those slippery rocks, because i did not want to fall into the cold water with all of my gear.

Thanks for taking the time to look at my image and if you have any questions/comments about my workflow or anything else, feel free to mail me or drop a comment down below.

Technical info:

  • 7 images
  • @ 16mm
  • f/11
  • iso 100
  • middle exposure @ 1/8 sec

Programs used:

  • Photoshop CC
  • Lightroom 5