This time i thought: “Let’s try something different!”. So i woke up and already prepared my gear last night, because 05:00 on a Sunday morning is not really my most favorite time to wake up and pack my gear to go out in the freezing cold and take a couple of pictures. But i always try to look at things on the positive side and think of the end result, especially when you know that there probably will not be many people outside to do what you are doing at that moment, but these are the times that you can make that ‘special’ picture that makes you go ‘WOW’ when you view your image(s) on the screen of your computer and realize that it is truly worth every single second you put your effort into it.

But there is a little catch behind this picture, first of all i did not plan to go to the Erasmus bridge during blue hour. I planned to go to the new Markthal in Rotterdam and planned to shoot this during blue hour. Here is the issue that i ran into, i arrived at around 06:15 in the morning, because i like to arrive at the scene sometime earlier then when i plan to take my pictures so i can look around for awhile and see if i can find a composition that i like. After a couple of minutes, i already came to the conclusion that this was not going to be a place where i would be comfortable to stand for an hour with all of my gear. Lot’s of people were done partying in the city and still intoxicated from too much alcohol and probably some other stuff… So i decided to seek another spot and i will return some other time to make the shot i want. The sky was already turning blue so i rushed towards the Erasmus bridge to try to make something off the little bit of time that still was left in order to get some blue hour pictures.

Luck was on my side, YES! A free parking space right in front of a beautiful spot with some nice possibilities for great compositions. Time was flying and i only got the chance to take 7 shots going from -3 to +3 for a Long Exposure HDR during blue hour.

Got home, downloaded my pictures, grabbed a cup of coffee and edited the shot. I ended up only needing 3 images for the final picture. The reflection in the shot was added later on in Photoshop CC, but i think it really adds some punch to the image.

I really appreciate it that you are taking your precious time to look at my image, if i can help with some post processing or if you can help me with tips or critique, please leave a comment down below or mail me.

Technical info:

  • 3 images
  • @ 16mm
  • f/11
  • iso 100
  • middle exposure @ 30 sec

Programs used:

  • Photoshop CC
  • Lightroom 5