I took this image of Hunebed (Dolmen) D53  in 2014 and actually forgot about post processing this image. To learn some more about Hunebeds click here.

So i used 2 images to create the final image and i added a before/after slider so you can see the difference between the starting image and the final image. Used the bracket function on my 5D markIII to get 5 brackets from -2 to +2, but when reviewing the images i only had to use 2 images, 1 exposure for the sky and 1 as a base (0) exposure.

As always i begin with the preparation of my images in Lightroom and then follow up with exporting them to Photoshop CC. After merging these images through the use of Luminosity masks i started the final editing. Added some contrast, boosted the colors, removed some waste from the ground, removed a pole on the right, enhanced the colors on the stones and brightened some pieces of the image. Finally i ended with sharpening the image.

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My name is Boudewijn Drenkelford, born in 1985 in the Netherlands. I'm a father, boyfriend, brother and friend who likes to go out into the nature with my camera.

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