What an amazing evening this was, it was really cool to stand in the pouring rain, hearing the thunder and seeing the lightning strike everywhere around you. Some people call it stupid, i call it enjoying and living life!

I had to work on the evening of the storm and was almost finished when the storm was approaching. When i got to my car and i still had to drive home to get my gear the storm was already throwing lightning around like it was nothing, i have never seen this kind of storm in the Netherlands before. When i arrived at home the storm calmed down to the point that almost no lightning could be seen, so i decided to stay home. About an hour has past and the wind was blowing like crazy and dark clouds were becoming visible in the far distance, so i just went for it and drove to the Erasmus bridge to hopefully get a shot with lightning filling the frame together with the skyline of Rotterdam. By the time i was standing along the river, all hell broke loose and it looked like Thor unleashed all if his rage…

Fortunately i got LUCKY, i was able to get multiple shots of the scene with lightning in it, but this is my favorite image from that evening.

Hope you enjoy and feel free to share.