A couple of weeks ago the Perseid meteor shower gave away a crazy show in the sky and at first the weather reports for a sighting like this in the Netherlands was everything but great, nothing but many thick clouds and rain….. When i saw the weather forecast i was disappointed, but kept hoping for the best and still searched for a spot to take pictures at an area which was not to dark and to hard to reach.

Be ready, so you don’t have to get ready.

So i decided that if the elements were on my side i would go to Westkapelle, a small village in the province Zeeland. And YES! The weather forecast looked great, no clouds till 3am and a cool night.

With my backpack filled with camera gear, some food and a water bottle i grabbed my coffee and went to Westkapelle to have an amazing night filled with hopefully lots of falling stars and an epic night scape!

First i went to the beach to see if there were interesting foreground objects to combine with the sky and merge them together and i did a couple of pictures but nothing really great…. By the way when you are all alone, at night on the beach in the total dark, at first it takes a couple of minutes to get used to that feeling, the feeling that you are out of your comfort zone and doing something really different. But i am warning you, its FREAKING AMAZING and don’t blame me if you develop a new addiction!

The beach was not a great success and i quickly drove to the lighthouse and when i arrived at the spot i was literally blown away by the look of the scene. Got a few test shot, adjusted my settings, put the horizon straight and aimed for the stars. To see some falling stars with my own eyes and at the same time capture them with my camera i hooked on my remote switch and let it take 25 second exposures continuously. Make sure your focus is spot on otherwise you come home and all your shots are ruined while you were enjoying the surrounding (or sleeping).

I ended up shooting throughout the entire night and drove home at 5am with lots of pictures and a beautiful memory! Thanks for visiting my blog and feel free to show some of your pictures of the Perseid meteor shower if you took some, i would love to see them.


Technical info:

  • 17 images combined for the falling stars
  • @ 16mm
  • f/4
  • iso 3200
  • exposure @ 25 sec

Programs used:

  • Photoshop CC
  • Lightroom 5
  • Nik software
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My name is Boudewijn Drenkelford, born in 1985 in the Netherlands. I'm a father, boyfriend, brother and friend who likes to go out into the nature with my camera.

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