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This is me, enjoying the view on top of a mountain in Greece.


Greetings and welcome to my website and blog about photography which is mainly focused on HDR, nature and landscape photography. In the near future i will also be doing some tutorials about how i make and process my images.

My name is Boudewijn Drenkelford and…..

Nature photography is amazing, simply because i love nature and all of its surroundings. I like being a part of it and enjoy every second i can go into the wild and get to know it  better and realize that the more i learn about it, the less i actually know.

Wildlife photography to me is getting to know and learning all about the animals and to take that one special shot! Everything keeps amazing me and i get a huge amount of respect for the animals from understanding what they have to do to survive in the wild.

Land- and cityscape photography blows me away, its amazing what we have created and what nature has given us, capturing the beauty of one or both worlds is a true challenge which i hope to be able to show to others trough my imagery.

Some personal facts/hobbies

I started to deepen myself in photography in 2010, then i heard that my dad was gonna take me on a road trip through America. (yes, yes, yes!!!) Which was an unforgettable trip!


Me and my Dad!

I really like to be busy with photography and everything around it (I thought id mention it, just in case you hadn’t noticed). But of course i have some other hobby’s, which are Taekwondo and doing lots of fun stuff with my son!


Currently i switched from Canon to Nikon, this is just my personal preference and really everyone should takes pictures with the brand they are comfortable with.

Final words

Just have fun, enjoy your own photography adventure and respect your surrounding.