Skyline of Deventer during blue hour

To be honest i really never thought about going to Deventer.... Not because i didn't wanted to go but just because i never knew it had such an amazing and unique view of the city! So when i first saw this spot on an image, there was not doubt that i had to go there and get a shot for myself. When i see cool locations on images or hear about it from somebody i always make a note of it in my phone, so when i have the time to do some searching and digital exploration i can use my notes and get as [...]

Perseid meteor shower 2016

A couple of weeks ago the Perseid meteor shower gave away a crazy show in the sky and at first the weather reports for a sighting like this in the Netherlands was everything but great, nothing but many thick clouds and rain..... When i saw the weather forecast i was disappointed, but kept hoping for the best and still searched for a spot to take pictures at an area which was not to dark and to hard to reach. Be ready, so you don't have to get ready. So i decided that if the elements were on my side i would go to Westkapelle, a [...]

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This is taken in Kinderdijk, the Netherlands. I was doing some scouting for compositions and saw this little bridge which attracted my attention, because of the windwill in the background and the near perfect reflection in the water. The sunset wasn't that great but i still think it is a nice image of a serene scene. Kinderdijk is a small village in the Netherlands nearby Rotterdam and the windmills in Kinderdijk, a total of 19 were built to drain the polder. Technical info: 1 image @ 16mm f/11 iso 100 183 second exposure Programs used: Photoshop CC Lightroom 5 [...]

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Amersfoort – Koppelpoort

This was a location that was on my photography list for quite some time and i am definitely going back to it again someday soon to get a sunrise shot! Lots of kind people in the area, not a quit and serene spot but worth the effort and time spend there. If you are going to try and get some sunset shots be prepared to do a lot of cloning and masking to get rid of all the people in the shot. (This is only for all of you crazy photographers out there who are, like me and don't want people in there shots...) I [...]

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Rijnhavenbridge blue hour

Wow, what an amazing evening did i have when i went to take this image. Got to meet a nice french couple who were on a road trip with their motorcycle and joined me for a couple of hours while taking pictures and the most amazing part about that was they could only speak french and my french sucks so there was no way of communicating verbally but still in some sort of non verbal language we could manage to communicate and i was able to help them take some pictures and explain what i was doing. It was also a long time ago since [...]

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Aida Prima in Rotterdam

The Aida Prima was in Rotterdam for the first time and stayed throughout the entire blue hour, so i went to see the ship and maybe even get a nice image. After arriving and checking out a couple of spots, lots of the spots had already been taken by other photographers but then i saw this composition and just went for it... When i look at the image now i think it would have been a stronger composition if i had put the camera lower to the ground so less water would be visible... Just as any other photography adventure, i keep learning everyday.   [columns [...]

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Eiffel Tower

I went to Paris with my girlfriend in the year 2014 and still had some pictures which i hadn't edited yet, and last week i went through those pictures and finally had an idea on how i would like the picture to be in the final edit. I had been standing in the same spot for almost 2 hours and i am still thankful to my girlfriend for having patience and not kicking my ass..... This image is made of multiple shots to get the lightbeams, the tower, foreground and the sparkles all together. I also used a Dodge layer to brighten the water of the [...]

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